Today I am grateful for…

Hello everybody! Today is a better day than yesterday, worse than tomorrow. Just as Dory was saying in Finding Nemo:” When life gets you down, you know what you’ve gotta do?: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. This is what we all got to do: keep swimming in this ocean called life. Anyways, today is not about Disney movies, but gratefulness.

We are so used to have things and get more and complain when we can’t have something, that we forget to be grateful for what we already have. We become miserable by looking on social media and see celebrities or other people having expensive clothes, houses, and cars by developing a sense of envy for not having them too. At the same time forget to thank for what we do have instead of focusing on what we don’t.

But let me ask you something: Did you eat today? Did you drink clean water? Are you dressed? Are you still able to call your parents or grandparents? Do you have at least a person who you know truly cares about you and vice versa? If your answer was yes for any of these questions, then you are blessed and have at least 1 thing to be grateful for. You woke up, you got a new chance to live. Someone is losing their loved one right now, someone didn’t eat anything today. Others don’t have where to sleep or water to drink. The most basic needs.

Be grateful for your body, your mind, your soul. You are unique. Be grateful for your past: it taught you something; your present: you are still alive. The future is unsure for everybody. No one knows what will be tomorrow. Or if there will be tomorrow. Be grateful for life, for love, for everything that surrounds you.

Today I am grateful for you, the one who is reading this. The person who, through a blog post gets to be part of my life, my story, my journey. You? What are you grateful for today?:)

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