Why so serious?

I grew up in the Family Guy and South Park generation. For those who never heard about these shows, google them. For the rest, you know what I am talking about. I am 28 and still watch them as they still make me laugh and show the true colors of the society. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a funny cartoon, ended up to be a mirror of what is going on in the world at the moment.

What made us become so easily offended? Since when any type of joke is some sort of discrimination? Like I saw a lot of people in my generation who are acting like royals and take everything personally…what is wrong with you? I was looking at Tik Tok last night and a guy made a super funny joke about a topic. I swear that the comments were mainly full of hate and cancel culture bullshit. For me, nowadays, Tik Tok is the most important source of hate and bullying. Five minutes with that application and you already want to cancel the entire world, based on what is going on there. We are in 2020. I understand that there are certain topics such as body shaming, LGBTQ, racism, religion and so on that must stay away from any type of jokes, but when did we become so serious?

There are shows like the ones above + Rick and Morty, Archer, and others who are extremely sarcastic and if you have enough brain to understand them, can teach some pretty good stuff. These easily offended individuals should watch a season or two, maybe they will comprehend that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

We should understand 1 thing: we have only one life. And I don’t know how funny your life can be if the only thing you know to do is to complain all the time and throw hate at others. Smile more and try to educate yourself… Life has a lot of positive things to offer..You just have to see them.

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