We dream, we hope, we pray for better days.

This is a lyric from Faydee’s song “Better days”. A song that somehow describes this year. How many times you didn’t hear this year things like: “We hope for better”, “2020 should be canceled”, “worst year ever”? Let’s take a moment and think. For each of us, this year was a huge challenge. No one will say otherwise. We are all survivors of a pandemic. Nobody knew what this is or how to deal with it. But stop for a moment and breathe. Take a deep breath and look behind.

Take the pandemic aside and look at every month and how it affected your life. Some of you may have lost someone, a job, a relationship, whatever. But now you are reading this. You are stronger than you can imagine, and I am so proud of you. You did it. It is almost December, and 2020 is only 33 days away from ending.

To be honest, 2020 was a rebirth. A reset to the “factory settings”. We were too hurried, too focused on stupid things. 2020 was a lesson. A hard pill to swallow, but something that believe it or not changed us completely.

It proved that tomorrow is not guaranteed, that expensive possessions mean nothing if you don’t have where to show them, and that the people we treated as ordinary played the most crucial role in the pandemic. It showed the true colors of people, proved that family is not always blood and that you can have everything you can imagine. If you are not healthy, it means nothing. In my opinion, life after a pandemic will never be the same as before. Because there is a new version of everyone right now. Society is continually changing.

What will be next, no one can say. The only thing we can do is to dream, hope, and pray for better days. Love you all! 🙂

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