Make it a December to remember

First of December…I can’t believe how fast this year passed. Winter, Christmas, and New Year. Since I was a child I love this month. It has a special vibe, something that makes you more hopeful and positive. A time of joy, presents, snow, parties… happy times.

This December is special. This year, December will be more powerful. Why? Because it is the end of a crazy year and the holidays will be like never before. Maybe this year, we will appreciate more the time spent with our loved ones and be more grateful that we are safe and sound. Every year, in my hometown ( a small one), the 1st of December was a holiday. The Christmas lights were on, a concert was organized and you could see happy people all around the town. Tonight, while I was outside with my dog for his evening walk, everything was so empty. Silence everywhere, only a few people rushing on the streets. Only the Christmas lights were showing that it’s the winter holiday season. This should be a wake-up call and stop taking everything for granted. Everything can change at any time and if we don’t appreciate what we have at the right moment, we may regret it later.

These holidays will be different. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t make it a December to remember…

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