Nothing is guaranteed

Hello! I was talking to a friend today about the plans that he had this year: was supposed to get married, go abroad for his honeymoon, was nominated for a promotion at work. Seemed like he will have a great year ahead. What he didn’t know was that in reality, his life had other plans and will completely reset. Lost his job, his fiancee called off the wedding instead of postponing, and he had to take everything from 0.

We usually tend to make plans in advance. To schedule our lives for the next 3,5, even 10 years. But who guarantees us this time? Who has the certainty that life won’t play with us in a way that we will have to go back to level 1? How many times you didn’t tell yourself:” Oh, in 5 years I will have the home of my dreams” or ” I will be truly happy if I will have a great car soon?” or “I want to learn this, but I will postpone it for another time as I am not ready now?”

I, personally, wished this year to go to work in a hotel in Lapland. Did it happen? Nope. Due to this virus, I didn’t only have to give up on my hospitality career but also do courses to change the course of my life. If you would have asked me in June how I was, my answer would be: in love with a good guy and hoping for a lasting relationship. How am I now? Single and happy with my personal development.

You never know when it’s the last discussion, last kiss, or last night with someone. You can’t take anything for granted. Everything and everyone changes, including us. We have to keep the rhythm with life. Life doesn’t wait for us, and instead of regretting what we lost, just live in the moment and take as much as you can from it.

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