2020 and its double standards

For the past days, I kept pushing myself away from writing this post. Why? Because it may trigger some people. But one of my best friends, my favorite chocolate guys (and don’t start with discrimination stuff, cause he loves being called like this) told me that I have to do this.

Anyway, today I will talk about the double standards and what happened with Coltescu a few days ago. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, during a football game, one of the referees, asked his colleague to interfere in a dispute he had with the second coach of one of the teams and while trying to explain to him who he was, he used the word BLACK. And the storm passed. Twitter, Facebook, IG, everything went on fire. “STOP THE RACISM”, “STUPID ROMANIANS”, “SEND THE ROMANIANS HOME” were some of the main titles of what you could read on social media. Thank heaven it didn’t last too much. Why? Because there are still educated people in the world, who know to think before the talk. And therefore, Coltescu ended up being defended by some big stars of football, celebrities, and people who know a little about Romania and got the overall image of what happened there.

Since the beginning of the game, the entire referee team was accused of being gypsies, without being. You can hear in the recordings that even the person who claimed the “racist attack” is insulting the referees before the dispute. ROMANIA IS NOT A GYPSIES COUNTRY. Stop confusing things. We do have gypsies but there is not a majority. When you tell a Romanian gypsy without being, is called discrimination. To understand this better, think about calling a black person the n-word. It feels the same.

Now back to the BLACK word.” Black” in Romanian is not discriminatory. It is not like the n work or “el negro” from Spanish. It has at least 20 meanings and I am not exaggerating but NONE can be used as discriminatory in this context. In Romania, if you want to offend a different color person you say “crow”. And believe me, I know what I am saying. When the BLM happened this year, everyone used the word black. Even Obama used it for his presidential campaign. Now you tell me, where is the racism? I have black friends who after this happened, felt offended for how things escalated. One of them was saying something like” If I am the only colored person in the room, and someone doesn’t know my name, how am I supposed to be called? Since the beginning of history, we have had races. It is normal and this is the beauty. We are different, but to stop using a word describing color and a race is BS. Neither every black is good nor every white.”

When Halep was offended at Roland- Garros, no one interfered. When Begu was called gypsy by a French, no one moved a finger. The same happened with some of our football teams. Nothing at all. But when a Romanian did a mistake, everyone got mental. Kind of huge double standards. Before offending, we should get some history and geography books and get some education. Because most of those discriminating Romanians don’t even know where the country is on the map. And those who know never had a bad word to say about the country.

One thing I know for sure: I have never seen so much hate as in 2020. This pandemic only managed to bring out the worst in us.

Love you all and have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

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