Pay attention who doesn’t clap when you win

Hello everybody!! I hope you are ok. As I finished the first month of the challenge with myself, I wanted to write about something that I started to see clearer during this month, and that is to pay attention to those “who don’t clap when you win”. Today is about friends.

In this life, we get to know a lot of people. Some are a lesson, some a season and some come to stay with you no matter what. Well, the last category should be kept at all costs.

Not everyone who says it’s your friend, it truly is. Some are friends as long as they can benefit from you. Or until you try to become a better person and they feel threatened by this. Then they show their true colors.

In my opinion, there are 3 types of friends that you may get to know:

  1. The so-called “friend” :That type of person who claims to be your friend but gets frustrated when you achieve something. The one whose problems are always more important than yours and for who you must be available but is never willing to help or support you when needed. The person who plays a great role in the front of you, but behind your back is a totally different one. It usually ends with them disappearing as soon as they find someone or something better
  2. Drama queen friend: If they can’t do something, no one else can either. The type of person who doesn’t have a dream, aspirations, anything, but who thinks that is “allowed” to control everyone’s life. If they are miserable, you must be too. They constantly need assurance and attention from you and get jealous or make a crisis as soon as they don’t receive it. Tbh, this is the most toxic type of friend, as there are 2 choices: they either make you be like them, or you finally realize how toxic they are and for your own sake, leave them.
  3. A lifetime friend: Now this is the best type. Is that friend that you grow up with. You learn from, share ideas and aspirations, develop a healthy friendship based on mutual respect and support. Although you may not communicate daily, you know that they are there through thick and thin. Is that person who makes your life better. And happier.

No one said that it’s easy to create and maintain a good friendship. And sometimes you may fail, but remember something. The easiest way to see the real face of somebody is either when you are down or when you achieve something big. Someone who can’t be there for you when you struggle or truly be happy when you succeed, can’t be called a friend. Have a great day, everybody! 🙂

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