Death is just around the corner

Hello everybody! I hope you are all safe and sound. Today’s post is a story about life and death and how can incompetency take innocent lives. I was born in a small city called Onesti. This city was always a quiet, peaceful city mainly known for the national and international stars like Nadia Comaneci who were born here.

However, 3 days ago, death attacked horribly. One of the cruelest attacks I have ever heard about in this city. 2 streets away from my parents’ home. For 5 hours, two handcuffed young workers begged for their lives, while the authorities were doing nothing. No one moved a finger to help them escape that monster. Nope. They just waited…God knows for what. In the end, that criminal took their lives. For a reason that had nothing to do with them. They were innocents. Just doing their job. Nothing else. He was claiming the flat that he lost 12 years ago and on that cursed day, they were there working. The news channels went mental with this. 3 days later, the city is still in shock. The atmosphere is painful. People are angry with the authorities and scared for their lives.

Life is unfair…and this should be a wake-up call for everyone. Death is just around the corner..waiting for the right moment to get its prize. The only thing guaranteed is just the actual moment. The authorities and police have shown too many times that they are clueless, heartless and their incompetency is above the sky. This was just the last experience. There are too many human-faced monsters among us. You don’t know who to trust anymore. This pandemic only managed to enrage us more and take the worst out of us.

Take care guys and enjoy every single moment of your life. Be grateful for the people you love and appreciate them more. Appreciate life more. You never know when the clock will stop ticking.

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