She was just walking home…

Hello everyone! For the past few days, I keep seeing on social media news about Sarah Everard, the woman murdered in London, and the wave of reactions this has caused. Unfortunately, being a girl, I entirely relate to this.

Being born in a small city, neither I wasn’t exposed to this type of behavior nor had any case of such a violent crime in my town. Although my father and grandfathers always taught me what to do if someone is following me or trying to harass me, I never paid too much attention to it. I had my freedom, I was allowed to go out as long as my parents knew with who and where I was going.

However, the situation changed when I went to study in Birmingham, UK. I remember like it was yesterday when my flatmate came and told me: ” Oh, you are a girl so after 20.00 you shouldn’t go outside unaccompanied”. This is the first that I learned there. And believe it or not, later I realized what was this all about. I was coming home from a friend (around 20:00), properly dressed, nothing sexy, and a guy started to follow me. I started to run like a desperate and moved past my home so I don’t let him know where I live until I found a police lady . Thank God she was really helpful but didn’t get the chance to see him. I was so grateful to be fine and she took me home while I was uncontrollably shaking.

During my uni time, I had to share a campus flat with 3 guys who were out of their minds, and acted like animals, until I couldn’t take it anymore and the administrator moved me into a flat with only guys. I was the only girl. I have never felt safer than in that flat. They were amazing, really well-behaved, always checking on me and treating me like their sister. I was finally happy.

The thing is, not all men are the same. Totally agree. But please understand, that when you are alone on the street and hear someone keeping pace with you, your brain doesn’t stay to process if the man is nice or not. The first reaction, especially if you have been through this before, is feeling threatened. Unfortunately, there are still men who objectify women. And some women have no idea how to educate their sons. NO means NO. Being dressed sexy is not an invitation…Look, don’t touch. Start normalizing basic manners and understand the hell out of it that a woman is not a toy. Start educating your sons for this century. The one where women had no rights is long gone. Society evolved so much, that even some strict religions are giving more rights to women. Normalize letting women go safe on the roads at any time. We are not animals. Keep us closed, just because men can’t keep their instincts under control.

Poor Sarah is just another victim of the poor education, ill system, and the lack of compassion and care towards others. Not the first one, not the last one… But let this be the signal that a change needs to be done. Not only in the UK but worldwide. Women must feel safe, cared and loved around men. Not raped, beaten, and murdered. LEARN THE DAMN DIFFERENCE!!!
Take care and be safe! Love you all!

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