The only certainty that life gives you is yourself.

Hello everybody! Today is about a topic that we sometimes try to avoid because we find it hard to believe.

Since childhood, we are taught to deal with people. Not only with families, but people in general. And we hear very often the phrase ” I will always be with you”. And we raise and believe that, those words are real and that people will stay forever in our lives. Unfortunately, no one told us that forever doesn’t exist. As strange as it may sound, everyone is temporary. The only “forever” in our own lives is ourselves. No matter how close you are to someone, and how much you wish for that person to be part of your life, they will leave sooner or later. It is life’s process.

How many times you didn’t hear from your lover, best friend, and so on ” I will never leave you/ I am not like everyone else/ I am here to stay” and one day they just vanished? And you are being left on your own again, starting to put the pieces together and hoping that the next one will stay longer. The law of humanity says that what has a beginning, also has an ending. It is natural. Some endings are abrupt and painful, some just come naturally. The only things that are left are memories and lessons.

In our lives, we tend to give more credits to others, than to ourselves. But let me ask you something. Who is carrying on even when times seem hopeless? Who is fighting with everything and manages to put a smile on even when the inside storms are stronger than ever? That is right: you. People in our lives only know a piece of the entire story…of our story. No one can live your story, know you better than yourself, or how much you have suffered/ dealt with.

It is you who get out of bed every morning and get ready for another day. Who knows what comes next? The only undeniable idea is that until you die, you are your only forever.

Love you all, be safe and have a great day!!

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