Poor communication can ruin an amazing connection.

Hello everybody! A few days ago, I was reading a very interesting quote “Poor communication can ruin an amazing connection”. And I have realized how true this is.

Unfortunately, as we live in the technology era, we forgot the basics. We have every tool that you may think of to make life easier and more comfortable, but we slowly, but surely lose our human senses. We don’t know how to talk, express feelings, or take responsibility for our actions. Do we argue with our lovers? No problem… Instead of trying to communicate and sorting out the issue, we prefer to look for someone new. And start all over again. Like a vicious cycle that repeats over and over. Do we learn something from this? Maybe, but most of the time, we throw the guilt on the other. It is almost all the time other’s fault. But when is your fault? Did you stay and communicate? Did you bring any solution to the problem?

We live in an era when we are so afraid of being hurt and fail, that we prefer to pretend to be someone else and not let people see our vulnerabilities. Poor communication ruins amazing relationships. Friendships, work, and love relationships, every type of interaction that you may think of. What is truly sad, is that those relationships are sometimes irremediably ruined. And you are left with regrets and the “what ifs”?

As much as it may hurt, speak your truth. Be true to yourself first of all. Explain what you want from the beginning. Say what you truly want, not what you think that others may want to hear. Don’t lose special people just because of not communicating properly.

One of the best things about this technology is that some online courses and books can improve your communication skills. So there is still hope. Work on yourself, work with the person that you want to resolve things. Don’t leave your thoughts unspoken. Because exactly those are the ones that may save your amazing connection. You can do it.

Have an amazing day! Love you all and keep being part of Yanny’s Journey:)

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