People who are meant for you will always come back

Hello everybody. Since I was a child, my grandma had a saying ” whoever is meant to be in your life, will always find their back into your life”. I grew up and lost either communication or full contact with certain people. And although this had made me sad and sometimes even questioning my worth, I let it go.

Letting people go somehow made me understand that at one point, they all leave. But guess what, life has its magical turns. And when you least expect it, some of them come back. And maybe leave again… or stay for good. You never know. The only thing you can do is enjoying the moment.

This Mercure Retrograde was hell for me. My car got broke, had some last minutes things to sort out. However, had some pretty great surprises from people who I thought were gone for good. Three of them: one came back after 13 YEARS!!!, one after 5 years and one who cut me completely 5 months ago. Well, well, well. And the best part is that the chemistry and the feelings were unchanged. It’s like someone pressed the pause button and now things were back on the play.

This showed once more that no matter how much you want something, it will all happen at the right time. And that no matter the distance, the time and other people. the ones who are supposed to be in your life will always find their way back. ALWAYS. Just be patient, time heals and sorts everything.

Love you all, have a fantastic day and thanks for being part of Yanny’s Journey

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