Who are you?

And I mean it. Who are you? I am not asking about your name, your age, race or nationality. I don’t even care about your sexual orientation or job. At your roots, in the deepest spot of your soul, who are you?

When it is the last time you checked on your inner self? When the soul is shouting, are you hearing it? When it is the last time that you had a deep, serious conversation with yourself? Are you happy with your life, friends, etc?

We often get this question: interviews, meeting people, certain circumstances. And the most typical answer is: ” My name is… I am…. years old and I am a ….”. But when someone asks you who you truly are, what do you answer? You have 2 options: either the vulnerable and real one which will may get you hurt or the one that you think that is the cool one but not the real you.

In my life I got the chance to meet people who saw straight into my heart. The rawest version of myself. I felt completely naked, without having anything to protect myself. But the feelings were something that I have never experienced before. It hurt in the end, but that experience created a new version of myself. On the other side, I have people that think they know everything about myself, while in reality it’s just a mask. So you tell me, which one you choose?

I don’t care about your face, your car, your family or home. Talk to me, show me your soul, tell me about your dreams and goals. Tell me about your past and future. Let that inner version unfold. In a world full of pretty faces and empty souls, be the light that leads the rest. Make the silence comfortable. It always has something to say. Let me enter your world and show me who you truly are.

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