Holding on hurts more than letting go…

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well. Today’s topic is about something that hurts a lot but helps you evolve as a person: letting go.

Each one of us had at least once in our life to let go of something or someone, but we couldn’t cope with the loss and kept holding on and hoped that they would come back. Either it is about a relationship or friendship or anything else, the fear of letting go is unbearable. Because the mind doesn’t want to understand that it is the end and tries to keep the feeling and get into denial, by bringing back memories and feelings of how good that thing was, but not the bad parts too or the fact that you have to move on.

For way too long I hold on to people who left my life. Or people that were toxic to me. Broken friendships, toxic relationships, were kept just because I was afraid to let go. I was scared of the unknown. But please don’t make my mistake. Because there will be one day when they will leave eventually, and you will be left broken. Or even worse, will continue to stay in your life and make you lose yourself.

But this year taught the best lesson. How to let go and move on. To set boundaries and put me first. For the first time, I dared to cut the toxicity out of my life and recognise the red flags in people. And stopped giving chances and making excuses for relationships that were dead long ago. It hurted a little, but not more than actually staying where I shoudn’t. And what is more important, is that it brought me inner peace. I am better than ever. And happy with myself. The right people will stay no matter what and won’t make you feel like an option or burden. They would want the best for you. Pay attention to the opposite side.

Letting go is not easy… Never,ever. But when you have to choose between you and your wellbeing or continue to wait for something to change, or someone to return, you have to do it. Life doens’t wait for any of us. I waited for 2 years for someone to return. Someone who destroyed me and moved on with his life immediately. And it was the biggest mistake of my life. But now I know my worth, so I would never wait for anyone, anymore. Nope, my life is more important than anything else. I won’t waste it for nothing.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, let it go. It will hurt, but it is definitely worth it. And remember, the best is yet to come! Love you all and have a fantastic Sunday!!

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