I left my life crash… and what came next was wow

Hello everybody!! As you know, this blog is about personal experiences. From love to work, from pain to happiness, everything is 100% real. Two months ago, I was talking about letting go. To everything that made us suffer or hold from doing what is best for us. And I disappeared for 2 months and left my life crash. Completely.

I released all the toxicity and the people who were there for their good, I went back to travel, photography, and learning foreign languages. I took baby steps, day by day. I’ve rekindled the relationship that I had with my parents and won back the friends that I have lost. I gave up on controlling and let the universe be and do its job. 2 months made me go back on track after 3 years of trying it. Got a new job, something that 3 years ago I was only dreaming about. In a month I will move to another country. New chapter. It is unbelievable how baby steps towards your dreams can make such a big impact. It seems like in the end I just needed to be surrounded by the right people, and do something. Anything.

What I mean to say by this post is that you are not unbreakable. As tough as you may look or what to be, sometimes life gives you a reset. Easier or harder, there is no time to give up, as a different version is developing. A stronger, wiser, and more powerful. Imagine it as a game… You moved to the next level, but now you know how to play it. As you have the experience of the previous one. Don’t be afraid of change. Something amazing can be just around the corner. You just have to want to play it.

Love you all and thanks for being part of Yanny’s Journey!

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