Goodbye 2020

Happy New Year!! I hope you are all well and enjoying the first days of 2021. 2020 is finally over. A year like no other, that seemed more like a tornado, than a normal year. One thing is for sure: it passed fast and changed everything in its way.

It was a year that made us reset some of our beliefs and habits and created a new version of ourselves. In my opinion, a new era began. 2020 wasn’t like an ordinary year. It brought a pandemic that somehow created new normality. What we knew before the pandemic, doesn’t seem to exist anymore. People evolved this year. Exactly like in a game, 2020 was just the warming level. What comes next, is unsure. No one knows. 2020 is definitely a year to remember, but not revive.

However, on the night of 2021, I saw after a long time people happy. It was like they were freeing from something. Celebrating, laughing, dancing. Hoping for a better year. I wish each one of you that 2021 will bring the best to you. To a year full of love, happiness, compassion, hope, and positive changes. To 2021 that can be remembered in a good way and not another year that we can’t wait for it to be over. Love you all!

So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Our first pandemic Christmas. Who would have thought? I am used to writing happy and positive posts about Christmas, but as the times are tough and this year was pretty crazy (and not in a good way), today I feel the need to talk from my heart.

This Christmas is special. And it should be a moment for us to look within ourselves and see what needs to be changed or improved. Christmas is not only about presents but also about love, compassion, and care for each other. You may be miles away from your family, friends, loved ones. You may be single or married, happy, or in a bad state of mind. But one thing is for sure. You are not alone. For some, it may be a difficult time, especially with the pandemic. But this should pass too. And hopefully, we will be back to normal. But until then, take this Christmas to appreciate what you have. Be grateful for who you are. And if you are with your family at the moment, show them more love. Laugh, eat, drink, do whatever you want. Forget for a moment about the bad part of life. Take a deeper look at the right one. Send a message, give a call to someone you didn’t talk to for a long time. You never know how much this means for them.

And if you are alone, don’t despair. I know and completely understand how bad it feels especially during the winter holidays. But the things will get better. I promise. It always does.

This Christmas is a little different for me. Because it is for the first time when I am breaking the traditions and just have some time with my dog, my parents, and my closest relatives. But talking to my dearest people (not only family but friends too) made me realize that the magic of Christmas is about spirituality and getting closer to the ones you love. And although it sounds like a cliche, it is about becoming a better person:)

Christmas madness mood: ON

Hello everybody!! Today I am in a blue mood, due to the weather. Since last night it kept pouring. So I was thinking that I should cheer myself a little by having a cup of coffee and writing a post about Christmas craziness, as there are 12 days left until Christmas Eve.

Since I know myself, I adored Christmas. If it would be for me, I would have Christmas every day. The vibe, the tree, carols, food, good times, everything gives me such a good mood. But what gets me in a bad mood is the time before Christmas. More specifically, usually from the beginning of the month until Christmas day. I don’t know about you, but in my family, these weeks we are like robots. Cleaning, shopping, cooking, last-minute stuff, and so on. I remember when I was a child, I was making fun of my parents and grandparents for going crazy around this time, but now I see it myself. And this year is even more special. Due to the pandemic, I can’t go and do proper Christmas shopping or visit my relatives as much I did before.

But believe it or not, the craziness in town is the same. How?? Everybody is bulk buying, angry as hell and with any vibes, excepting the Christmassy ones. It seems like this holiday became more a marketing strategy than an amazing holiday to celebrate with loved ones. We are losing the essence of it. And what makes me sad is that the children are losing that spirit. They stop believing in Santa from a very fragile age and lose all the magic of the holidays. I know that times change, but I feel that there are certain things we should try to keep.

Wishing you all a great day and keep being part of Yanny’s Journey. Something special is coming soon:)