Goodbye 2020

Happy New Year!! I hope you are all well and enjoying the first days of 2021. 2020 is finally over. A year like no other, that seemed more like a tornado, than a normal year. One thing is for sure: it passed fast and changed everything in its way.

It was a year that made us reset some of our beliefs and habits and created a new version of ourselves. In my opinion, a new era began. 2020 wasn’t like an ordinary year. It brought a pandemic that somehow created new normality. What we knew before the pandemic, doesn’t seem to exist anymore. People evolved this year. Exactly like in a game, 2020 was just the warming level. What comes next, is unsure. No one knows. 2020 is definitely a year to remember, but not revive.

However, on the night of 2021, I saw after a long time people happy. It was like they were freeing from something. Celebrating, laughing, dancing. Hoping for a better year. I wish each one of you that 2021 will bring the best to you. To a year full of love, happiness, compassion, hope, and positive changes. To 2021 that can be remembered in a good way and not another year that we can’t wait for it to be over. Love you all!

So this is Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Our first pandemic Christmas. Who would have thought? I am used to writing happy and positive posts about Christmas, but as the times are tough and this year was pretty crazy (and not in a good way), today I feel the need to talk from my heart.

This Christmas is special. And it should be a moment for us to look within ourselves and see what needs to be changed or improved. Christmas is not only about presents but also about love, compassion, and care for each other. You may be miles away from your family, friends, loved ones. You may be single or married, happy, or in a bad state of mind. But one thing is for sure. You are not alone. For some, it may be a difficult time, especially with the pandemic. But this should pass too. And hopefully, we will be back to normal. But until then, take this Christmas to appreciate what you have. Be grateful for who you are. And if you are with your family at the moment, show them more love. Laugh, eat, drink, do whatever you want. Forget for a moment about the bad part of life. Take a deeper look at the right one. Send a message, give a call to someone you didn’t talk to for a long time. You never know how much this means for them.

And if you are alone, don’t despair. I know and completely understand how bad it feels especially during the winter holidays. But the things will get better. I promise. It always does.

This Christmas is a little different for me. Because it is for the first time when I am breaking the traditions and just have some time with my dog, my parents, and my closest relatives. But talking to my dearest people (not only family but friends too) made me realize that the magic of Christmas is about spirituality and getting closer to the ones you love. And although it sounds like a cliche, it is about becoming a better person:)

Nothing is guaranteed

Hello! I was talking to a friend today about the plans that he had this year: was supposed to get married, go abroad for his honeymoon, was nominated for a promotion at work. Seemed like he will have a great year ahead. What he didn’t know was that in reality, his life had other plans and will completely reset. Lost his job, his fiancee called off the wedding instead of postponing, and he had to take everything from 0.

We usually tend to make plans in advance. To schedule our lives for the next 3,5, even 10 years. But who guarantees us this time? Who has the certainty that life won’t play with us in a way that we will have to go back to level 1? How many times you didn’t tell yourself:” Oh, in 5 years I will have the home of my dreams” or ” I will be truly happy if I will have a great car soon?” or “I want to learn this, but I will postpone it for another time as I am not ready now?”

I, personally, wished this year to go to work in a hotel in Lapland. Did it happen? Nope. Due to this virus, I didn’t only have to give up on my hospitality career but also do courses to change the course of my life. If you would have asked me in June how I was, my answer would be: in love with a good guy and hoping for a lasting relationship. How am I now? Single and happy with my personal development.

You never know when it’s the last discussion, last kiss, or last night with someone. You can’t take anything for granted. Everything and everyone changes, including us. We have to keep the rhythm with life. Life doesn’t wait for us, and instead of regretting what we lost, just live in the moment and take as much as you can from it.

Make it a December to remember

First of December…I can’t believe how fast this year passed. Winter, Christmas, and New Year. Since I was a child I love this month. It has a special vibe, something that makes you more hopeful and positive. A time of joy, presents, snow, parties… happy times.

This December is special. This year, December will be more powerful. Why? Because it is the end of a crazy year and the holidays will be like never before. Maybe this year, we will appreciate more the time spent with our loved ones and be more grateful that we are safe and sound. Every year, in my hometown ( a small one), the 1st of December was a holiday. The Christmas lights were on, a concert was organized and you could see happy people all around the town. Tonight, while I was outside with my dog for his evening walk, everything was so empty. Silence everywhere, only a few people rushing on the streets. Only the Christmas lights were showing that it’s the winter holiday season. This should be a wake-up call and stop taking everything for granted. Everything can change at any time and if we don’t appreciate what we have at the right moment, we may regret it later.

These holidays will be different. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t make it a December to remember…

We dream, we hope, we pray for better days.

This is a lyric from Faydee’s song “Better days”. A song that somehow describes this year. How many times you didn’t hear this year things like: “We hope for better”, “2020 should be canceled”, “worst year ever”? Let’s take a moment and think. For each of us, this year was a huge challenge. No one will say otherwise. We are all survivors of a pandemic. Nobody knew what this is or how to deal with it. But stop for a moment and breathe. Take a deep breath and look behind.

Take the pandemic aside and look at every month and how it affected your life. Some of you may have lost someone, a job, a relationship, whatever. But now you are reading this. You are stronger than you can imagine, and I am so proud of you. You did it. It is almost December, and 2020 is only 33 days away from ending.

To be honest, 2020 was a rebirth. A reset to the “factory settings”. We were too hurried, too focused on stupid things. 2020 was a lesson. A hard pill to swallow, but something that believe it or not changed us completely.

It proved that tomorrow is not guaranteed, that expensive possessions mean nothing if you don’t have where to show them, and that the people we treated as ordinary played the most crucial role in the pandemic. It showed the true colors of people, proved that family is not always blood and that you can have everything you can imagine. If you are not healthy, it means nothing. In my opinion, life after a pandemic will never be the same as before. Because there is a new version of everyone right now. Society is continually changing.

What will be next, no one can say. The only thing we can do is to dream, hope, and pray for better days. Love you all! 🙂

Top 3 ways to improve your inner happiness.

In a crazy period like this, it is almost impossible to find inner peace, let alone happiness. But we are humans and we need that state of mind to survive what is next. Therefore, this post is about how to improve and maintain your inner happiness.
This pandemic showed us that, at the end of the day it is just us and ourselves. And that we can’t rely our happiness on anyone else, as otherwise, in times like this, we would be going down for sure. This is why today I will present you top 3 ways to improve your inner happiness. So let’s get started.

Number 1: Recreate the bound with yourself

Although we don’t realize it, we have a very special relationship with our body and soul. We just have to listen to it. Pay attention to the signals, your body gives you and how are you feeling mentally. Take a look in the mirror and see how much you have changed or see the things you may want to change. (I am not talking about plastic surgeries or things that may affect your health). I am referring to the things that may make you feel better.

Number 2: Listen to your heart…and brain

Running to please the people and show how amazing we are seemed to be a national sport before this pandemic. Everyone showing their best clothes, cars, jewelry, and everything material they had. Well, what happened when this nightmare started? They lost their popularity as they didn’t have anything left to show. As they were “full ” outside, but empty inside. This is why number 2 is about feeding your heart and brain. Improve yourself spiritually. And it is not on the religious side. Nope.

-Read a book.
-Pray (if you want).
-Learn a new skill.
-Call your family/friends/someone close (have a soulful talk).
-Play with your pet(if you have any).
-Create a journal/plan about what you want to do next and stick to it.
-Create a unique challenge. For example, I challenge myself to don’t pass a day without learning something new: a word, a notion, whatever. But learn.
-Do that hobby that you loved but you left it due to the lack of time.
-Start following your dreams.

Number 3: Leave the world to follow its path

There is a saying:” When the past becomes your present, you lose the future”. Read this again and decide what do you want. Stay in the past or live in the present and create your future? I am honestly telling you from my experience. When you think too much about the past, you are not only losing days of your life for nothing but also ruin your future. We should think of the past as a football game. A game that happened yesterday and that is over. Why do you want to replay the same game over and over again? Regain control over your present and create new games. Better games. Because at the end of the game called life, you do not want to be the loser…you want to be the champion.

To summarize all of the above, to find and improve inner happiness is easy. It just requires a little bit of daily time for yourself, discipline, and courage to become a better version of yourself.