Self-love is dangerous

Self-love is dangerous. Have you ever been to a supermarket and went to those stands where you can sample a product? Well, self-love is like tasting the finest chocolate and wanting to buy it immediately. What you don’t know is that in the end, you will become addicted to it. Both chocolate and self-love:)

When you choose yourself over others, you understand that a new chapter begins. No one says it’s easy. But the results are fantastic. When I first started to work on myself, I was at the edge of giving up every day. It was too painful and too difficult. No one told me that there will be people leaving my life, that I will stop doing things that I thought I had to do before or act a certain way. What no one tells you is that working on yourself and learning to love yourself will create waves for your mental health. One moment you feel like you can conquer the world, the next one you cry worse than a baby. Because your mind is used to the familiarity of the things you were previously doing and these big changes are like a reset to it.

You will eventually get to the point where you will set boundaries, choose more carefully your entourage and understand that you deserve the best. You will have a clearer image of who you are and what you want. A month and a half ago, I started the biggest work on myself. I have never been more disciplined, focused, and determined before. But scared at the same time. Until I found the pace. I started to journal daily, create a routine, and use positive affirmations, and meditate. This was the best decision ever. Because I realized my true potential, now I am more able to understand and deal with my emotions and truly love myself. I finally understood that I am worthy and enough, that is my life, my choices. I stopped asking people to stay, just kept the door open, and I appreciated more those who had 100 reasons to leave but found 101 reasons to stay.

The best gift you can do to yourself is love. Before expecting or loving anyone else, love yourself. You will discover a new you and a new world to explore. Just do it 🙂

5 ways to tame your brain

Hello, lovely people!! I hope you are all OK! Day 22 of my challenge, another lesson to share with you.

At different stages in our lives, we want different things: a good job, a great car/house, someone to love us, and so on. Almost always we try to create a perfect picture of how our life has to be. This is human nature. But when we face the reality and see that things are not how we want, the first reaction is to give up and think that we are not good enough. And the mind starts its “terrible dance” again and takes us to the dark place of feeling helpless and unworthy. What we don’t know is that the mind itself is either our greatest enemy or biggest friend. How many times you didn’t have a special event or great job opportunity that you gave up just because you were telling yourself that you can’t do it?

Throughout the years, studies have shown that one of the most important factors for low self-esteem and lack of confidence is given by the brain. That little voice inside you killed more dreams than anything else. And it continues to play its games until you learn how to enter the game too. How? It is easy but it takes time and discipline. Today I will talk about 5 ways that in my case showed great results:

1) Meditate!! I can’t emphasize this enough. As crazy as it may look, meditation has been used for ages to improve your brain activity and calm it when things are getting too tough. It is also amazing for breathing and it boosts your mood.

2) Reading: Read as much as you can. Everything you want. Books are called in some cultures the food of the brain and soul. If you suffer from fears, phobias, or anything related to this, I suggest you read ‘ Psychology of Fear” by Christophe Andre. It is an amazing book.

3) Affirmations: Create a positive environment for your brain by using positive affirmations; daily. I am practicing this in the morning and when I go to sleep. I have my personal “ritual” of positive affirmations and believe me. it shows results.

4)Understand yourself and your brain: it is Ok to not be Ok, but why are you feeling a certain way? What beliefs affect you? Remember that you make your beliefs and those beliefs make you

5) Bring on the unfamiliar: there are times when we are scared of certain activities or experiences just because our brain is not familiar with them and the first response is being scared. Try at least 2 a week to do something different: a new activity, new food, new place. Do something that you want but forget about fear for a moment. Please be aware that I am not talking about something that can put in danger your life. Nope, something that you didn’t think you always wanted but you didn’t think you were capable of.

Use these techniques and see how your life will improve. It is all about perspective.

A challenge to change

Hello! My last post was a kind of a wake-up call. Something was completely wrong. So a call to action was required. For 30 days I challenge myself to change. I was on a webinar with Michael Beckwith a while ago and he said something like: ” your biggest enemy is the control. The moment that you understand that the only thing you can control is yourself, then your life will improve.”.

With or without realizing it, every day we are trying to gain control over things, people, events, anything. Well, guess what. This is just a fake assumption. I had a period when I was a control freak. You can’t imagine how much I was fighting to control every single little thing of my life until, in the end, I failed. And then I understood that I have to surrender and give it up. Because, in reality, you can’t control anything more than your mind and body. My last post was somehow trying to show that when you try to control/influence someone’s life, the only outcome you can get is losing that person or causing huge damage for nothing. For example, I want that person back, but this doesn’t mean that I can make him come or decide on his feelings.

This challenge is just the beginning. The warming. But for 30 days, I will put myself first and start to work on every aspect of my life, starting with the most important: mental health and wellbeing. If 2020 was the year of mental transformation, 2021 is the year of personal development. So bring it on!