The power of words

Hello! Today is a good day; very productive one. Day 11 of my challenge came with a lesson.

Since I was a child, my family taught me to pay attention to others and be kind, as you never know their story or inside battles. So things like “take care”, “have a nice day” or questions like “did you eat/sleep well?”, “Is everything ok?” was a habit for me.

But what I didn’t know was the impact these words were having on others. I was hearing very often remarks like “Oh you are the first one who is wishing me good things today or who is being nice to me” from retail workers, colleagues, or people that I was meeting, but I didn’t think of it too much as I had the impression that they were only nice.

However, last year, the first morning after I talked to my ex(our first conversation), I sent him a text: “Good morning, have an amazing day”. His reaction was priceless; one of the most beautiful reactions I have ever seen. Weeks later, he told me that although he had other relationships, I was the first one that woke him with a message like this. And he truly meant that. Cause he was keen to see his morning messages, and when he didn’t receive one, he was panicking.

Today, I talked to a friend who was not in his best mood but had to go to work. And I only texted him:” Have an easy shift and take care”. That “take care” made him emotional. He called me and said something like: ” Not even my family ever says this. This text made me feel worthy.”

The point is, you never know what or how someone’s life is. Words can destroy a person but also improve their mood and life in general. Being kind is free. But the impact that it can have on a person is huge. Being nicer to people makes us happy too. How many times weren’t you happy to see someone smile? Or be nice to you?

In a world full of conflicts, illness, and bad news, try to be the rainbow in someone’s clouds. Love you all! Yanny’s Journey continues 🙂