Be all in or get all out

This seems to be the definition of 2021 so far. Since the first month, 2021 seemed to be the next level of what 2020 began. For many of us, 2021 continues to be the transforming path that the pandemic brought.

This year showed me how much 2020 changed me. I lost people that I loved and if 2 years ago or even last year I would have tried to keep them, well this year I just let them go. No explanation, no goodbye, no heartache. A closed door and that’s it.

I started to lose weight and proved to myself that as long as I am disciplined and focused, I can achieve everything. But the most important thing is that the key to happiness is to love and respect yourself first. Asking or expecting things from the wrong people will only damage you. Being an option is not a choice. Learn to be a priority, not an option. Don’t forget that the winner takes it all. And you are not a loser.

Don’t give anyone the chance to take the control of your life. No one is allowed to tell you what you can do or not. Almost three weeks ago, I got the vaccine for Covid 19 and some of my friends were like ” Oh you must crazy/stupid and so on for doing it and for believing in this virus”. Well, I don’t care. I put myself and my family above anyone else. So if I chose to do it, any opinion regarding my choice is worthless. Do you want anything? Go for it. It is better to get rejected or lose than regret that you didn’t do it.

Life is too short and beautiful. There are so many opportunities and things to do. Give the best of yourself always and don’t be afraid of what may happen. If it fails, it was a lesson. But what if you win? Be all in or get all out… Don’t accept to be in the middle when you can be the greatest. Have a lovely day everybody!

2019- The year of transformation

Happy New Year lovely people!!!! I hope you will have a fantastic 2020, full of happiness and wishes fulfilled 🙂

“How was 2019 for you?” It is the question that I hear it since the year finished. And most of the answers are: “hard, nightmare, horrible”. Very few answers :”great, amazing, good”.

In my opinion, 2019 was a decisive year. A year of transformation. At least for myself. I started it with depression and I thought that it will be the end. It wasn’t. 2019 taught me how to raise and work to pull myself together. I lost and let people go out of my life: together or temporary. From priest to online help finder, I did everything to help me get an answer to what was wrong with me and why did I feel that way. A depressive girl in January ended up being the woman who helped others in December.

Regaining balance was the best thing 2019 taught me. And developing myself. I almost lost my grandma in July and that was a wake-up call. I started to get closer to the family, appreciate more the people around me and find out who was truly there for me. The transformation was going on, becoming stronger and with more lessons to get through. I stopped being the people pleaser, chose very carefully my entourage and started to fight for my dreams.

December was my final test. The man who a year ago, left me on Christmas day, got married. And then is when I finally understood that I was healed because I felt nothing at all. The winter holidays were the best in the last 7 years. Full of joy, love and happiness. The new me was there.

Looking back, 2019 was a beautiful nightmare. A roller-coaster that took me all over the places that I needed to improve and further develop myself. It was the year to gain back my friends and family. I hope that this one will be better and that I finally get everything back on track. Step by step.

And the most important thing: I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who are reading my posts and are part of Yanny’s Journey. I love you and wish you all the best!! 🙂